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At the back end of July, a 20-year old Xbox addict died after a 12-hour gaming session. 

Chris Staniforth was a regular gamer and the coroner confirmed Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) as the cause of death, this despite Staniforth having a clean bill of health, and no underlying medical conditions.

So, it seems that it is not just long distance plane rides that can create the killer blood clots that lie in your deep veins.

Online poker is a hobby or career that can take up a lot of your time. Poker is largely dictated by a combination of skill and luck, and the very best players in the game create volume as a way of elevating skill, therefore giving them the greatest chance for long-term success.

But the case of Staniforth is a wake up call for all of the online grinders. Sessions need to be balanced with time away from the virtual felt. Also, regular exercise - even when sitting - is a must if you are to keep yourself clear of DVT.

Another area where the online grind can affect you is your personal life. Locking yourself away in your room for most of your life is a very solitary experience. 

It is a scientific fact that loneliness can affect your health, so make sure that you, once again, have the right balance in your life. 

If you are a professional grinder, then consider moving in with other professional grinders. If you are going to be alone, then communicate with other people through Facebook messaging or Skype.


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