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The Nature of Video Poker Online

Video poker is a fast game. As a result of this the game is perfect for those who want to add a bit more depth to their gambling activities than just the pure luck in games such as slot machines and roulette. Video poker is a unique poker-type variation based on a 5-card draw rewarding strategy over random luck.

Many video poker fans play video poker because it's a fun and enjoyable substitute to slot machines and some people also consider video poker as the thinking person's slot machine game. These people may be right since video poker does have similarities to slot machines, but since Video Poker is not a game that consists of spinning reels, it's not really a slot game.

So if you like poker, you might enjoy video poker, but when you enter the video poker room, don’t expect a lot of company. Playing the game is not like poker, where you’ll find a lot of other people around the tables. In video poker you’re all on your own playing against a machine.

Video poker is inspired by traditional poker but the differences between video poker and poker are as important as the differences between video poker and slots.

Different Variations of Video Poker Games:

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