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Caribbean Stud Poker ScreenshotCaribbean Stud Poker starts off with gamblers placing ante wager bets. The dealer and the players will be dealt their hands with the dealers’ first card facing upwards and the other four facing downwards. The players’ cards will be dealt face up, and he then has to choose whether to Fold or Play. If the player chooses to Fold, he will lose his ante bet, but should he decide to play, he has to place a bet which is twice the ante wager. The dealer will then expose his hand, and the pay outs will be made.

Should the dealers hand not have an Ace or a King, then he will not qualify, and the play wager will Push, and the ante wager will pay out. However, if the dealer does have an Ace or a King in his hand then the player loses the bets. If the player has the better hand, and the dealer qualifies then the ante wager will pay out more. Gamblers may place an optional Progressive wager, and will not need to win the main game, but must not fold either.

In this version of Caribbean Stud Poker, players must choose a wager range from the five options that are provided. The minimum wager that may be placed ranges from as little as $1 up $50, with the maximum being $1,000.

Caribbean Stud Poker takes skill to play, and gamblers that deviate from the strategy will most definitely fail.

Players may increase or decrease their ante bets after each hand, whereas the Conditional bets let players increase or decrease their ante bets depending on the results of the previous hand. Players still need to decide whether to Fold or Play, so the game is not completely in the auto play mode.

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