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Do you Know your Poker Opponent?

Poker is one of the most flexible casino games. It is a game you can play and win a lot of money, on the same day. It is also one of the most played games at casinos. However, for you to win, you must use the calculator and your skills well. The secret is to master the rate of your opponent in winning. To determine the win rate, add first, second, and third wins and divide the outcome with the total number of games played. In the game, there are three common ways of rating opponents. The highest rating is thirty-seven and above percent.

Opponents in this category are professionals at the game. They have skills that can win the game easily. Their mode of play is aggressive, but with a lot of discipline and patience. These opponents do not make early mistakes. In addition, they always have a perfect play and strategy. This makes winning poker against them very hard. However, their skills and knowledge can be their weakness. When playing against weak opponents, they play easily and carelessly. This gives the weaker opponent a chance to take the game home. It is important to evade these players early on. You should wait for an equal opponent. Otherwise, play aggressively against them.

The second poker category is made of average players who rate in between 36.9% to 20.01%. The players in this category are the most dangerous. This is because their mode of play is sometimes weak, but solid. The players are learning how to improve their plays and perfect the mode of play. Therefore, the information you hold against them is very unreliable. However, due to less skills and lack of confidence, they easily make mistakes. When playing against them, you should bet solid and play easily. You should pay much attention to these opponents for you to build your reputation and raise your ranking.

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