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Every poker player knows the internet is loaded with a wide variety of poker advice, some more, some less useful. Online poker gives players a great opportunity to try 7 Card Stud.

7 Card Stud Poker



Online 7 Card Stud Tips

Online poker gives players a great opportunity to try stud. 7 card stud is the most prevalent stud game you will find online, it also may be possible to find five card stud on certain sites. If you do find yourself playing online stud poker, here are a few poker online strategy tips to keep in mind.

Watch the Exposed Cards

This is the single most important thing to understand about 7 card stud online. You must keep your eyes on the exposed cards and commit folded cards to memory. It is impossible to know how strong a player’s hand is any other way (although you can make estimates). For example, if you can see a player holds (XX) 8s 9d Tc Jh (X) and he has been betting frequently, he most likely has a straight. However, he could also have a full house (8d 8c) 8s 9d Tc Jh (Jd) or even four of a kind (9s 9c) 8s 9d Tc Jh (9h). However, if you have seen an 8, 9, T and J come out in other players’ hands, you know the player does not have four of kind and is less likely to have a full house. If all the sevens and queens have come out in other hands, the player does not have a straight, etc.

Start Strong, End Strong

A player who starts with the best hand in stud usually has the best chance of ending with the best hand. Playing with two good cards and a rag is just a recipe to get tied on for more and more bets as your hand improves, but not quite enough to win the hand. Start with three good cards whenever possible.

Start Small

If you’re moving from limit hold’em to stud, you may be surprised to discover that the pots seem much bigger, even when the pot ends up heads-up. After awhile you will realize that this is due to the additional betting round in stud. That extra round can be very costly if you’re not prepared for it. Consider starting your 7 card stud play at stakes one level down from your normal hold’em stakes level.

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