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Every poker player knows the internet is loaded with a wide variety of poker advice, some more, some less useful.

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Poker - The importance of seeing the whole as a sum of its parts

Every Poker player is aware that the internet has a vast variety of useful and not so useful articles on Poker advice.  These articles generally address single issues that might come up during online play in blinds, postflot betting, playing out of position etc.  The problem is that new players might see this as a confusing puzzle, that can never be pieced together, and might just frighten them off.

The good news for these new players is that they can incorporate all those strategies and situation into their gaming experience by reading up on online poker articles.


Once new players have enough information they can automatically start applying it into their Poker games and will soon see how and when to apply certain principles into ther online Poker games.

Players must know the rules of the game before they start playing, but the most important factor players need to remember is the nature of each individual game.  The game of Omaha takes a lot of skill, while Texas Hold’em is purely a game of luck.

Rakeback is meant to cut the effects of the rake on your play, while Game selection is the process of choosing a game that is most suited to your style and level of skill.

Table selection skill is a very important Poker strategy and is the ability to locate an easy to beat table.  This skill illustrates the different aspects of a successful Poker players.

The Pre-flop play is every new players nightmare, and it is the most frustrating aspect of the game.  It is the foreplay for the Post-flop betting stage.  New players battle to start hand charts because they do not see the starting hand they commit on, as part of something bigger.  New players look at it individually and this is where they fall short.

Once new players grasp how they are supposed to play the hand that they committed to later on in the game, then the Pre-flop will no longer be a problem for them.

A successful Poker player is someone that fully understands all the different elements that are involved in the game poker.

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