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Learn when to drive through a wall when playing poker.

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Driving Through a Wall

There are times in the game of poker when you come up against some form of resistance.
When this happens you have two choices, you can either slow down or you can keep on going and drive forward.

If you were to physically drive a car through a wall then you would get hurt and the same is true when you come across resistance in poker.

The most common resistance encountered in poker will be aggressive players, especially in multi table poker tournaments. You open up the action with a raise in the cutoff and a player on the button three bets you and you fold. A few hands later and you open again, again he three bets you and you fold. When he three bets you for a third time you decide enough is enough.

You four bet him and he five-bet jams and you fold.  The worse way to react to this type of player is to try and drive through him. Meeting aggression with aggression is simply not the right play here. Instead you need to realise that he is a brick wall and slow down. Instead of going through him try to go around him and when you do decide to have a head on collision make sure you have the goods. This is all true even when you are playing online poker.

It is important to be in tune with the game, so you can pick up on when you can push forward and when you need to kill your speed.  Learn to understand when to walk around a wall and when to drive through it.

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